Deep Water Fishing
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One of the hottest
sailfishing venues in the world

The exceptional tag and release
records are proof of this
phenomenon. To see the pods of
sailfish finning out in these calm
seas is a thrilling experience. The
abundant sailfish are due to plankton which thrive in the warm water. Plankton is food for the vast shoals of sardines which slowly migrate through the Gulf. The pods of sailfish feed on these sardines.

The sailfishing grounds extend from Um al Quain in the north to the Sur Abu Nau'ur island in the west; a distance of between 25 and 45 miles off the coast of Dubai city.

The Sailfish season runs from late September to the end of April, and other types of game-fishing are also available.

Other fish caught include: Queenfish, Barracuda, Kingfish (Spanish Mackerel), Cobia, Trevally, Dorado and Bonito.

Sea conditions are generally calm with very little wind, making the trip to and from the fishing ground pleasant.

Fishing tackle, which is supplied by the boats, consists of 20, 30 and 50 pound outfits. Rods and reels are all good quality. Salt water fly fishing tackle is available on request.