.: Emirates Tour | 1/2 day:.

The Cultural Centre
of the Arabian Peninsula

The third largest emirate
covering an area of
2,600 sq kms, the emirate
of Sharjah straddles the
peninsula, overlooking the
Arabian Gulf to the west and the Gulf of Oman to the east. This gives it the unique advantage of being geographically diverse. The emirates also boasts of some of the most diverse of sceneries and superb waterfronts.

Sharjah has some of the largest malls in the UAE. It is a blend of the old and new. In fact the City of Sharjah, lying on the Arabian Gulf, is chock-a-block with modern waterfront hotels, beautiful mosques, lakefront apartment buildings, restaurants, and well laid-out parks and gardens.

You will be able to see:
:: The famous monuments
:: Historical zones
:: The Cultural Centre of the city

You will visit:
:: The Desert Park – the only one of its kind in the Emirates
   The Arabia Wild Life Centre which represents all kinds of
   animals inhabiting the Arabian Peninsula